Commander's Policy Statement on Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity

To have Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity, it is the natural and inherent right of all to participate in, and benefit from, programs and activities for which they are qualified.  These programs and activities shall be free from social, personal, or institutional barriers that prevent individuals from rising to the highest levels of responsibility possible.  At 3rd Fleet, we will evaluate our military and civilian members based on individual merit, fitness, and capability, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, gender (including gender identity), sex (including pregnancy), religion, sexual orientation, as well as age, disability, and genetic information for Service members and Civilian employees.

It is our responsibility as leaders to ensure our Sailors and Civilians reach their full potential in an environment that values diversity and fosters mutual respect.  Our Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity policy promulgates programs and activities that:

  1. Promote positive command morale and quality of life for all by providing an environment in which all personnel can perform to their maximum ability and potential.
  2. Ensure that equal treatment for all personnel is an inseparable part of sound leadership and readiness.
  3. Foster a culture that is free from the fear of reprisal.

Negative behaviors such as unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment adversely affect good order and discipline and prevent 3rd Fleet from attaining our highest levels of operational readiness.  Every individual is charged with ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all hands at 3rd Fleet.  It is prohibited to engage in, condone, or ignore unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment.

Leadership shall regularly monitor the climate of our commands, identify and then eliminate barriers to Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity, and assess ways to uphold our command as the “employer of choice” and advance the Navy as the “service of choice.”  I am sincerely committed to actively support programs for Equal Opportunity for Sailors and Equal Employment Opportunity for Civilians.  I expect every leader, manager, supervisor, uniformed member, and employee of 3rd Fleet to do the same.  Together, we will ensure our Sailors and Civilians are empowered to serve and work in a fair and equitable environment through trustworthy leadership, continuous communication, and compliance with applicable Navy directives.

J. F. G. Wade

Updated: June 7, 2024