Mailing Address: 

Commander, U.S. Third Fleet

53690 Tomahawk Drive

Suite 338

San Diego, CA 92147-5004



(619) 221-5287

Staff Duty Officer:

(After Hours)

(619) 884-4217


Fleet Watch Officer:

(619) 524-9534


(619) 226-5265



(619) 822-8230

Public Affairs:

(619) 767-4383


Security Clearance:

(619) 767-4381


If you are under orders or have negotiated orders with your detailer to Commander, U.S. Third Fleet and have not received a sponsor, please establish contact with the staff by e-mailing the Sponsor Coordinator.

Please include the following information in your e-mail:

Anticipated Arrival Date:

Orders Date Time Group: (located at the top of the orders; example below)




 R 120512Z FEB 09 ZYB



Please answer the following questions to better meet your needs during your upcoming transfer.

1.My name and rate is:

2.Are you married or single?

3.If married, what is your spouse's first name?

4.How many children do you have?

5.What age are your children and at which grade levels are they enrolled?

6.Are any of your dependents enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program?

7.Will your family be travelling with you? Will you require Geo-Bachelor housing?

8.Have you received a no-fee passport(s) and/or a visa(s) for your family members (if required):

9.Do you have any pets? What kind?

10.Are your shipping your Personally Owned Vehicle?

11.Upon arrival, where do you intend to live? On or off base?

12.Are you shipping household goods (HHG)? If so, how many pounds and to where?

13.Please list your current transfer date from your current command.

14.Please list a good phone number and e-mail address to contact you during leave/transit.

15.Please state when you expect to arrive.

16.Please state specific concerns or needed information about your upcoming arrival.


We are committed to making your arrival to Commander, U.S. Third Fleet a pleasant one.