Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We are committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are top priorities at 3rd fleet. Diversity and inclusion of our military and civilian force are integral to overall readiness and mission accomplishment. 

I fully support and expect all levels of 3rd Fleet leadership to embrace the goals and objectives of the Navy's Diversity and inclusion Strategic Plan, which is centered on leadership commitment, outreach, retention, culture and inclusion. Third Fleet must "Be a ready Fleet, able to respond to any contingency when called upon in the homeland or abroad." increased diversity in our ranks enhances our operational capability and flexibility, and better reflects the diverse nature of our country. Actions that work against an environment of mutual respect will not be tolerated. 

Inclusion is about valuing and integrating each individual's differences into the way our organizations function and make decisions. Our collective capability for inclusion is distinctly linked to sustaining a 3rd Fleet culture that embraces innovation, diversity, and inclusion. In order to apply the CNO's Sailing Directives and tenets to consider warfighting first, operate forward, and be ready with an all-volunteer naval force, we must recruit, develop, and retain the best qualified and the brightest personnel. Our work requires mutual trust and confidence, and respect for all members, by all members, of 3rd Fleet leads to open communications and the full cooperation necessary to create positive working conditions. 

Since 3rd Fleet operates globally, our ability to interact with diverse host nations is key to our success. Diversity and inclusion within our own force contributes to rapid development of important global relationships. We must eliminate all behaviors that go against our core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. 

All members of 3rd Fleet will work together to build a discrimination-free environment. Leaders at every level will take prompt action where and when deviations from this policy are discovered. Together, we must continue leveraging differences in the workforce to achieve better results, thereby ensuring that 3rd Fleet remains a top career choice for the citizens we protect and serve. 

J. F. G. Wade

Updated: June 7, 2024