FACTSHEET | Dec. 28, 2015

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•Commander Carrier Strike Group One ◦Commander Destroyer Squadron One

◦Commander Carrier Air Wing Seventeen


•Commander Carrier Strike Group Three ◦Commander Destroyer Squadron Twenty-One

◦Commander Carrier Air Wing Nine


•Commander Carrier Strike Group Nine ◦Commander Destroyer Squadron Nine

◦Commander Carrier Air Wing Two


•Commander Carrier Strike Group Eleven  ◦Commander Destroyer Squadron Twenty-Three

◦Commander Carrier Air Wing Eleven


•Commander Naval Surface Group Mid-Pacific ◦Commander Destroyer Squadron Thirty-One


•Commander Expeditionary Strike Group Three ◦Commander Amphibious Squadron One

◦Commander Amphibious Squadron Three

◦Commander Amphibious Squadron Five

◦Commander Tactical Air Control Group One

◦Commander Naval Beach Group One


•Commander Littoral Combat Ship Squadron One


•Commander Task Force Thirty-Two ◦Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing Two

◦Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing Ten


•Commander Task Force Thirty-Three


•Commander Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group One


•Commander Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing  ◦Combat Helicopter Sea Combat Wing Pacific


•New Construction and Precommissioning


•Carrier Strike Group Fifteen ◦Tactical Training Group Pacific

◦Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific


•Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command ◦Mine Countermeasures Squadron Three


•Coastal Riverine Group One


•Commander Submarine and Theater Anti-Submarine Warfare Force Third Fleet ◦Commander Submarine Squadron One

◦Commander Submarine Squadron Seven

◦Commander Submarine Squadron Eleven

◦Commander Submarine Squadron Nineteen

◦Commander Submarine Development Squadron Five